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Pumpkin Soup To Cure A Bloated Face?

I was in Korea about two years ago to have some revision plastic surgery done.  Yup, no shame.  I got work done, just like 1 out of every 10 women in Seoul.  Nothing major or invasive, just a touch up on my eyes.  All though it was a pretty simple procedure that only affected my lids, my whole face was pretty much swollen.  We all know how important it is in Kpop to have the smallest, thinnest, v-shaped face as possible.  Me, due to genetics, my face is very similiar to SeoHyun from SNSD.

snsd seohyun fat face

While many people praise my cute, chubby cheeks and tell me it gives me more of a youthful vibe, in reality I’m always like one donut away from looking fat, even though I am 100 lbs. The more I eat, the more swollen my face looks. I do eat healthy and exercise regularly, it’s just the way my genetics are.

One thing to note about Korea is that Koreans are extremely blunt. They will tell it how it is, even if they don’t know you. With out sugar coating it as well! During my recovery in Korea I got bored of laying in my hotel and decided it was time to do some shopping and explore a bit. Random ahjummas and pretty make-up counter ladies kept telling me how swollen my face was and that I needed to eat some pumpkin porridge (hobak jjuk) stat! Pumpkin porridge is one of the most goto aftercare remedies after people have that plastic surgery bloat.

Pumpkin is actually really healthy anti-oxident in general. Good for your eyes, weight, skin, and gastric area. It helps eliminate fat and water weight from your body. It has high levels of Potassium which promotes diuresis which will help you urinate and poop, getting rid of all the unnecessary bloat.
It’s an ideal food for weight loss and will leave you feeling full, even though there are hardly any calories. It’s anti-inflammatory agents will help keep your face looking slim and keep irritation down.

junjihyun swollen face

A lot of people will tell you there’s nothing you can change about how chubby your face is, only surgery.  That is false though.  Look at the beautiful JunJiHyun.  We all know her thin, tiny face from watching her beat up the bad guys.  I love her actually.  Feel like she is a natural Korean beauty and not some new gen anime girl hybrid plastic surgery monster.  Her face can go from very thin, to swollen, to thin again.  I’m sure diet and exercise are the reason for these dramatic changes.  She is still beautiful either way, you can improve your looks so much with out having to do surgery for everything!

The number one cause of bloated face besides getting surgery or punched is salty foods!  Stay away from salty foods, ESPECIALLY at night.  Have you ever ate some 1:00 am ramyun?  Of course you have, don’t lie!  And what happens when you wake up?  Your face looks like an actual pumpkin itself!  Really try to avoid salty snacks.  If you feel like you’ve been eating too much salty food, try substituting pumpkin as a regular ingredient in your meals.

You can consume pumpkin in so many ways.  Hell, you can buy a full pumpkin, cut it up, and eat it raw for the best effects.  That’ll probably kind of gross though.  The popular way to eat pumpkin in Korea is through porridge form, Hobak Jjujk.

Korean Food Instant Young Pumpkin Soybean Paste Soup

pumpkin porridge korean

You can easily find this in most Korean grocery stores or online.  Cheap, tasty, healthy, and will get rid of that moon face.

Trader Joes Pumpkin Soup, 2 Pack

pumpkin soup

If there are no Korean stores by you because you live out in bumblefuck and are the only Korean person in town just go to any grocery store, like Trader Joes, and find any type of pumpkin soup.  It will have the same result, but make sure you get one with LOW sodium content and not too many additives like salt, sugar, coloring etc.



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