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Stay Young And Moisturized With Facial Sheet Masks

The beauty regime that kpop stars go through is quite extensive.  From cleansing, moisturizing, bleaching, to expensive facials, it seems like the secret to kpop skin is money!  I have gotten about 3 real facials in my life where they murdered my face by squeezing out all the blackheads and impurities then lathering it up with a combination of burning and soothing serums and lotions.  The results were always well worth it.  You think you have soft clear skin now, after a facial it’s seriously baby butt soft and has that brightness you had as a youth.  You know, before this world wore and tore you down to be an over-worked, tired mess.  I typically only try to reserve getting professional facials for when I have an event to go to because they can be $50-$100 a session.  Obviously I can’t indulge myself in these luxurious treatments on a daily basis.  Not even a weekly basis!


       Luckily, the do-it-yourself beauty industry has made it so we can find cheaper alternatives and gain similar results.  If you’ve watched any Kpop reality TV show where they show the idols just hanging around their house, you’ve definitely seen facial sheet masks.  It’s actually a bit creepy at first.

Facial Sheet Mask

       Imagine a girl walking around her house in her pajamas looking like some mummy ninja type of thing.  Okay, it’s not that scary, but definitely don’t sneak up on people in the middle of the night while wearing one of these.

creepy mask

        Kpop stars have extremely hecitc schedules and all though they get more real facials than the average person, they don’t have time to do this every day, or even every week.

bts kpop facial mask

Even the cuties from BTS use them, so they are not only for the ladies!

       Kpop idols use facial sheet masks in between major professional facial sessions to keep their skin dewy and moisturized for TV.  It’s an easy alternative, and can even be relaxing.  All it requires is taking 20 minutes out of your day/night.  In those 20 minutes you can watch TV, do homework, do the dishes, whatever.  It is recommended that you wash and use toner on your face before usage.  The masks consist of a sheet that has holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth that is saturated in a pouch of essences and serums.  You open up the pouch, unfold the mask and just lay it gently on your face following the cut-out face pattern.  Wait 20 minutes, then voila!  Do-at-home facial!  I usually don’t rinse my face after the masks because I love letting the serum soak and really marinade into my skin.  Feel free to do a good rinse if you’re super particular about what you leave on your face.

animal face sheet mask kpop
There are many masks to choose from, some even have silly faces on them.  I have tried some really expensive, high quality ones from SK-II that were like 50 dollars for just 1 mask!  Honestly, I didn’t see too huge of a difference than those and less expensive brands.

Paraben-Free Korean Sheet Mask by Kisskin

hydragel korean sheet mask
My favorite are the gel masks.  They’re a bit different than the usual sheet masks you see most kpop celebrities wear.  They’re much thicker and one side of the masks contains an all natural, plant-based hydrogel that pretty much suctions to your face as it saturates your skin.  The hydragel masks are the best quality and even after one time use my skin is noticeably brighter, tighter, and softer.  I’m guilty of constantly looking in the mirror after using one of these, just to admire and make sure my skin is still radiant.  Usual effects last a week or two, so I’ll try to use a hydragel sheet mask once or every other week.

[THE FACE SHOP] Whitening Mask Sheet

face shop sheet mask facial
Some facial sheet masks are more geared specifically to certain problem areas.  Like a whitening mask.  The Face Shop makes an amazing whitening gel mask.  They almost have a cooling, calming effect on your skin.  When I say whitening, it is not bleach.  Skin bleach is very bad for your skin.  You will not wear this mask and then wake up the next morning all of a sudden with pale white skin if you don’t already have it.  The effect is more subtle.  It’ll help pull out blackheads, impurities, and gradually lighten uneven dark spots.  You will see a difference in your skin being more clear and lighter, but it is no miracle whitening solution.

Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet 20pcs set

etude sheet mask facial

        Etude House have the most affordable and variety facial sheet masks.  There are so many different kinds, I’ve only tried about half of them.  They have Aloe masks, Royal Jelly, Green Tea, Ginseng, Rice, Silk..etc.  I honestly don’t know the differences these “flavors” have on your skin but all the ones I’ve tried have worked decently and smelled delicious!  My mom got me onto these as they are frequently sold in the check out aisle of your local Korean grocery store.  I’d recommend buying these in bulk and trying them all out since you can get a pack of 20 different types for about $20.  They aren’t as efffective as the gel masks but I like using these when I run out of the good stuff and need a quick touch up.  My skin can get very dry in winter or start looking a little dull just from being tired all the time.  Pop one of these on your face for 20 minutes and it’ll moisturize your skin more than just using your usual moisturizer.  There’s always access “juice” in them as well so I like to rub the extra product on my neck and hands.

SNP Animal Mask (Pack of 10) Panda Whitening

animal facial mask panda

I just think these are so adorable.  If you’re feeling a little on the wild side why not try a panda mask?  The Animal Panda mask contains 750mg of coconut water, a mixture of 50% natural coconut juice and 50% coconut water.  I love coconut beverages, they are very hydrating so I can imagine how moisturizing they make your skin. 

        We may not all be rich but famous kpop stars using do-it-at-home facial sheet masks shows that these masks work.  Idols can afford to get fancy facials whenever they want, but still choose to use facial sheet masks on a regular basis.  It’s really a simple, 20 minute, however many times a week application that would really be beneficial to add to your skincare regime.


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