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Screw A Nose Job, Contour For A Small Nose

        I am Korean and I get praised for having a high nose bridge by Koreans all the time but it is still a typical Korean nose.  In comparison to Western noses, my is flatter and fatter.  I have contemplated getting a nose job all of my life, it’s been a small insecurity.  Kpop idols all seem to have perfect, tiny, upturned noses that compliment their small faces so well.  Nose jobs are the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedures done in Korea, coming after eye-lid surgery of course.  It seems as if Korea has perfected the nose job as we see idol after idol with thin, delicate noses.  Korean surgeons may be more advanced in skill when it comes to achieving good results, but it still is an invasive surgery.  It’s also very expensive ($3000-$8000) and with this type of surgery you’re going to want to shell out the extra bucks for a quality doctor.  I mean, your nose does sit right smack dab in the middle of your face and is one of the first features people notice about you.

After going back and forth many years on if I should do my nose or not, I’ve decided against it.  I’m too paranoid.  I have seen too many crooked nose jobs and known of hundreds of people that are constantly getting revisions and are on their 3rd, or 4th nose.  The surgery is to invasive for my taste and I would hate myself if I spent thousands of my hard earned dollars and end up with crooked nostrils.  Thankfully makeup gurus around the world have mastered a way to give yourself a nose job, with makeup.

Many Kpop idols, whether they admit it or not, have had their nose worked on, but a good number also take advantage of the amazing makeup artists offered to them and just go the contouring route instead.

cl wide nose

CL has always had more of a traditional look (if you ignore the heavy make-up and blonde hair).  Her facial features are more natural compared to idols that have gone under the knife.  She has a small face but it is still wider than the coveted v-shape face.  Her eyes are smaller and more almond shape, and her nose is a bit wide.  These are all the attributes that make her one-of-a-kind sexy though.  I wouldn’t change anything on her face, even though she obviously has had some work done over the years.  It’s debatable whether her current nose is the nose she debuted with but CL is also the Queen of Contouring.

cl nose contour

These photos weren’t taken too far apart and her nose looks completely different than the first picture.  You can see in the 2nd picture the strong contouring she has on her nose, all while still looking natural.  Good contouring can really change the look of your face, all at a fraction of the cost of an actual surgical nose job!

nose job contour

There are many variations on how to contour your nose pending on the final appearance that you desire.  The basic concept is to use shading on the sides and wider areas to give a slimmer appearance, and highlighting the bridge of the nose to make it appear taller.

Tina Yong is really amazing at nose contouring and her tutorial is especially helpful for flatter Asian noses.  It looks like it’s super easy but I’ve found I’m still learning the best way to contour my nose.  It really is a skill that needs to be worked on.  So many people don’t contour enough, the right areas, or just damn near go way overboard!

too much contour

Good contouring should not be noticeable, at least not to the untrained eye.  There should not be any harsh lines from the shading.  Everything needs to be blended together for a more natural look.  The contouring shade will be a dark brown color much darker than the color of your face so improper blending will have you looking like a clown.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS – Contour Cream Kit (Light)

contour kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills has hands-down the best contouring kit.  It comes with 3 different hues of shading, and 3 different hues of highlighting.  The colors are cream based which makes application super precises with out excess powder flying all over your face.  It is heavy but not oily at all and will last you all day with out touch-ups.  Simply sculpt your nose with shading, highlight the bridge, and blend well with a powder.

Professional Makeup Brush Set

make up brush contour

Application should be applied with a makeup brush, a good set is needed in order to draw and blend flawlessly.

For a shimmery highlighter I love to use Etude’s products as they seem to really understand the tone and nuances of Asian faces.

etude shimmer highlight

Etude House Play 101 Stick #10 Highlighter

The Etude House Play 101 Stick is pretty much like a big highlighter crayon that you can easily apply to the face exactly how you want it.  One quick slick down the bridge of the nose is really enough and makes your nose bridge stand out and look taller.

Contouring isn’t just for your nose so the same highlighting and contouring products used on your nose can be used to contour your whole face!  It does add a bit more time to your daily make-up routine but it is worth the drastic results that can be achieved.  Plus, if you do a bad job contour, you can always wipe it off and start all over again.  You can’t say the same thing for a nose job!


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