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       There’s nothing like waking up already late for work, not having your hair work with you making you even later for work.  Whether it be frizzy, oily, or dull and lackluster hair, having a bad hair day can seriously ruin your whole day!  Our hair seems to be the area on our bodies we abuse the most.  We blow dry, straighten, and even wax and shave the hair on our body.  There are many hair care products that promise to fix your hair emergency needs but it seems they only work decently at best and can drain your wallet while cluttering your bathroom cabinets.

Kpop idols have had every single hairstyle under the moon.  It seems every time idols debut a new song, a whole new look goes a long with it.  We often see jet black hair go to platinum blonde, then back to a more natural shade of brown all within a few months.  We all know the stresses of dying, blow drying, and straightening on a frequent basis, how do our favorite idols manage to keep their hair looking so vibrant and healthy?

iu highlight hair

IU is looking gorgeous with her silky, shiny hair and blonde high lights.  It blends perfectly and doesn’t look like her hair quality is that of hair that’s been bleached, dry and faded.irene dyed tips

Irene has been rocking the pink tips in her silky, pin-straight tresses.  Her hair was just about dipped in bleach and doesn’t appear to be dry or brittle.  Is her hair damaged?  Of course.  That kind of dye job is harsh and if it weren’t for the amazing hair care treatment idols do, her hair might be breaking off after frequent dye jobs.

A lot of non-Asians think Asian girls can just get out of the shower and have our hair looking like we spent hours blow drying and straightening.  All though some may be blessed with such low maintenance hair, many Asians still blow dry/straighten their already straight hair.  It helps give hair a more polished look and adds volume and bounce.  Kpop idols need to tend special care to their ever changing hair and there are so-called “magic” treatments that’ll make getting out of bed and having perfect hair ready to go a reality.

The 3 most popular treatments are the Korean Magic Straight Perm, the Japanese Straight Perm, and the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

The Japanese Straight Perm is by far the strongest and most permanent.  It also takes the most work and can cost the most.  With the Japanese perm, the inner cuticle or the bond of hair is changed to prevent curly and waviness as well as repair damage which is not the case with the Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Korean Magic Straight Perm.  The Korean and Brazilian work on the outside layer of the hair and help more with eliminating frizz and boosting shininess while the Japanese perm works deep inside the cuticle.

The Japanese perm being the most effective is also the most expensive.  Prices depend on the length of your hair and how not-straight it is.  Average ranges from $200 for short to medium hair, to $400+ for longer hair styles.  The whole process can take from 2-5+ hours as the Japanese Straight Perm is a 2-step process.  Results are permanent til the treated her has grown out and been cut off.  The Brazilian and Korean Perms on average are between $100-$300 pending on length and texture.  Both processes take around 2 hours and results vary but last on average 3-6 months.

Blow drying and straightening treated hair is not necessary but to achieve that glamorous kpop perfected look, it will definitely help.  Many women treat going to the salon like a spa day but I absolutely detest it!  I have super long hair so I’m always in there for half a day, sitting with a cramped neck, and bored out of my mind.  I only try to visit the salon once every few months and make sure to stay vigilant on my at-home hair maintenance.  It can get super pricey too, including tip and all.  I try to do as much as possible at home and find I have been getting pretty good results.  I was delighted to see that one of my most used products is the same as the sexy vixen Nana.

nana long hair

Moroccan Oil Treatment Light

moroccan oil

Nana has reported to InStyle magazine that her favorite hair care product is the Moroccan Oil Treatment.  If you have not ever come across, you must!  This is seriously a miracle product for hair.  You can use a small dab on damp or dry hair and it will instantly make it softer, shinier, and look healthier.  It has probably one of my most favorite smells in the world as well.  It’s almost coconutty and floral scents, it’s hard to describe but leaves your hair smelling divine!

If you want something stronger and more permanent but don’t want to spend 5 hours at the salon there are do-at-home Japanese Straight Perms available.  They are very strong and effective chemicals so proper instruction(included) must be taken.  Luckily, this process only take about 20-30 minutes and results last 6-8 months.

LISCIO Crystal Cream Straighteners & Neutralizer

japanese hair straight perm

Liscio is popular brand made and used in many Japanese hair salons as a new alternative to the pricey and expensive Japanese Straight Perm.  It is not as effective as this product is used not even half the length of time as the regular Japanese Straight Perm but it is the next best alternative for a fraction of the price.  It is also a 2-step process where the straightening chemical is applied first then the neutralizing lotion which will your hair process the chemicals and condition.  It is important with any straightening perm type of treatment to keep your hair moist and not exposed to too much heat damage.  Chemical processed hair and heat should not go together with out proper care and heat protection products.

  hair flip

Whether you opt to spend the big bucks and time at the salon or conduct your own little do-at-home spa day, you’re one step closer to having beautiful kpop hair.  A beautiful head of hair never goes unnoticed and with ultimately increase your confidence and polish your whole look.


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