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Ancient, All Natural Beauty Secret – Rice Water

   Kpop Idols are white.  Not as in Caucasian person white, some idols literally have pale, white skin.  They have no pigment in their skin.  They could stand in front of a white wall with no clothes on and practically blend in.  Yes, many Koreans are born with pale, white skin, but a lot use different secret techniques to get that unnatural, I’ve never stood in the sun for longer than 1 minute paleness.  Seriously, how do 20 something year old idols have more flawless skin than a new born baby?

tae yeon pale

TaeYeon is so bright and white I bet she glows in the dark.

A few techniques were mention in previous articles on How Kpop Idols Are So Pale, but there are hundreds if not thousands of white to get a lighter complexion.  Some not so safe, and others you can make at home in your own kitchen.

A lot of people think Kpop idols and Koreans in general are trying to look more Western with various surgeries and skin lightening.  I honestly don’t know any Koreans that wish to look like a Caucasian.  Korea has developed their own standard of beauty and many of the characteristics are similar universal beauty standards.  It’s not about self hate and more about looking young, clean, and flawless.

An ancient Asian beauty secret that has been around for centuries is the use of rice water on hair, skin, and of course eating heh.

yummy rice gif

I’m Asian, what can I say.  I could eat rice with every meal and not get sick of it.

Rice contains a substance called Inositol that is naturally present in human cells and various healthy foods.  Inositol has an abundance of beautifying qualities.  Rinsing your hair with rice water will help it be shinier, healthier, and stronger.  The Inositol in rice water is also amazing and not harmful at all for your skin.  There is a purifying effect that is moisturizing and a great anti-oxidant.  Rice water works great on break outs and inflammation on the skin with out drying it out or having harsh side effects.  It has a cooling and calming effect that can work great on that raging, angry pimple that seems to only get worse no matter what you put on it.

I’m broke and or don’t like using harsh chemicals, how can I make rice water at home?

I hear you, it is expensive to keep up with all the brand new beauty products that promise you the world.  From perfect hair, perfect skin, how to find a husband..etc.  Most of the times they don’t even work and you just wasted money that you could have spent on the next product that comes along and promises results!

There’s a reason using rice water for cosmetic and health purposes have been around for centuries, it works.  Now I’m not saying, bathe in this miracle holy water and you will instantly have white skin and flowing hair.  If that was the case rice would probably be like $50 for a pound.  It’s a subtle, gradual change that you will see from long term use.  The point is, it’s super easy, cheap, and will not harm you at all (unless you’re allergic to rice or have some preexisting skin condition).

Directions For Home Made Rice Water

  1.  Thoroughly wash 2-3 cups of any raw, natural rice (doesn’t matter if it’s white, brown, long-grain etc but white rice has be said to really help with whitening skin).  Use more of course if you plan on bathing your whole body.
  2.  Soak the uncooked, clean rice grains in warm water for about half an hour to an hour.  Be sure to mix and swirl it around every now and then to help infuse the powder off the rice and into the water.
  3.   Drain the cloudy liquid  and put it into whatever container you’d like to use.  Throw away the rice or eat it, whatever.

That’s it!

Douse yourself and be beautiful!

rice wash

You can use rice water as face wash, take a bath in it, drink it, whatever you’d like.  Many say there are greater benefits to using 2-4 day fermented rice water on your hair so try that as well.

If you’re looking for something a little stronger than just plain rice water, there hundreds of beauty products that contain rice water plus other natural, botanical, beautifying agents.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil + Foam SET

rice water cleansing oil face wash

The Face Shop makes an amazing rice water facial cleansing set that’s super affordable.  I felt like after daily usage for a few weeks my skin was 2 or 3 shades lighter and had a natural, powdery glow.  It really seemed to help reduce how oily my face is as well.  The cleansing oil and foam wash would be a perfect combination for the 4-2-4 Face Wash Method.

Not all beauty secrets need to be expensive.  There’s so much you can do with just your everyday products.  I ALWAYS have rice in my house so it’s super convenient for a cheap, extra boost when my skin is starting to look dull and dark.


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