How To Get A Kpop Butt

          It’ll only take a few seconds of flipping through the channels to see that America has an obsession with big butts.  This isn’t exclusive to America, a lot of cultures enjoy a big booty.  It goes all the way back to the primal cavemen days.  A bigger, thicker woman would be a better candidate to bare a child with opposed to a thinner, narrow woman.  What is the standard in Kpop when it comes to the size and shape of rear ends?

American Style Butt

american butts

Kpop Style Butt

kpop butt

           Continuing with the trend of super skinny idols with hardly any muscle or extra fat on their bodies, Kpop idols prefer a smaller, tighter butt.  That’s not to say a little junk isn’t appreciated.  Kpop does obsess over the famous “S-Curve” the same way American pop obsess over extra large rumps.  Asian women unfairly get the stereotype of being flat all over, which I’m not going to lie, is true in many cases.  Just being skinny isn’t enough to have a cute, little butt.  A little exercise can transform a flat as a pan butt into a tiny bubble butt.

yura s curve butt

Yura from Girl’s Day is often voted by netizens for having the perfect S-Curve and commended for advocating a healthy image.  For the past few years when SNSD was running Kpop, being twig thin was the ideal body goal.  SNSD have gotten a bit of slack on their diet and promoting an unhealthy body image to young girls.  Thankfully, Kpop is starting to embrace girls with a little meat on them who’s legs don’t look like they’ll break if the wind blows too hard.  I personally find Yura’s body so perfect, and men love curves on a woman.  I can definitely see why too!

Yura’s body is naturally a bit curvier than the average Kpop idol but she puts a lot of hard work into her fitness as well.  Yura’s favorite methods are well, dancing for one.  Dancing is great cardio and all over body work out.  Many prefer to dance as the gym is scary or boring and repetitive for some people.  With multiple rehearsals and performances a week, most Kpop idols can only rely on dance to keep their bodies in shape.  We all know most Kpop idols are perfectionists when it comes to their physical appearance so the majority do complete some other sort of exercises.

squat how to

         The number one exercise to get a cute, Kpop bubble butt are squats.  You can use weights if you want to bulk up a little bit more.  It’s probably one of the most simple exercises, you can stand in front of the TV at home and do them.  Squats are the most effective way in getting your butt to have a little more curve to it.  You can start off everyday just doing 30-50 squats (whatever you’re comfortable with).  You will definitely wake up the next day feeling a bit sore, but that’s how you know it’s working.  Make sure you squeeze your butt muscles the whole way down and up!

Lunges are also the holy grail of butt exercises to get a tight, slim, bubble but.  The classic lunge requires an up and down motion while alternating legs.  The secret is to really squeeze your butt the whole way down as well as the way up.


If the classic lunge is too difficult it may be easier to not go down fully but just pulsate 5-10 times on each leg.  Remember to really squeeze and clench your cheeks for any lunge or squat.

pulse lunge

If you want to challenge yourself a bit try the side lunge.  These are my most hated lunges as they really put strain on your leg and butt muscles.  I never smile like her while doing side lunges.  You can do squats and lunges with out weights but will get much better results if you hold light weights.  I’m pretty small (100lbs) and usually hold one 15 lb dumbbell in front of my chest, close to the body.  It’s enough to really feel the burn, but not too much where I’m in pain.

side lunge

Another great butt exercise is the leg lift.  It is not as strenuous as lunges or squats but still very effective.

side leg left

Remember to squeeze those glute muscles and alternate legs!

reverse leg lift

Reverse lunges activate different parts of your butt muscles so you can sculpt that booty all around.  Squeeeeze!

I love working out, but a lot of my girlfriends would rather die than go to a gym.  Exercise is so essential for you mind, body, and soul but if you’re not into it, or you want results by next Saturday for the party you plan on going to, there is a way.  A secret cheat perhaps that many Kpop idols are guilty of as well.  Butt Pads!  We’ve all heard of padded bras, and yes, padded panties have been a secret beauty trick for awhile.

kpop butt pads

kpop butt pads

           I’d recommend not letting them hang out of your shorts, but I get the look they were going for.  That is a properly padded booty though, and it looks damn good.  Butt pads will give you the Kpop bubble butt look with no costly surgery, or strenuous workouts necessary.  Butt pads can fit under any outfit and are very subtle.  They might feel funny at first as you’re probably not used to having padding in your panties, but much like any article of clothing, you get used to it.  Think of if as a mobile cushion you can take with you anywhere you go.

Silicone Padded Panty by Bubbles Bodywear

kpop butt pads
Silicon butt pads will give you the most dramatic results.  If someone were too touch your butt it would just feel like you have a tight, muscular butt.  The special panties have pockets in the back where silicon pads are inserted.  It may feel awkward the first few times of wearing them but you’ll get used to them after a short while.  They’re invisible under clothing and the pockets will always make sure the insert is stuck in place.

If the thought of sitting on silicon inserts weird you out, you can always opt for butt pads that are made out of fabric and sewn into the panties.

Heavenly Shapewear Women’s Jacquard Padded Panty

kpop butt pads fabic

Padded panties are said to be a bit more comfortable than the silicon inserts.  Imagine a padded bra, for your butt.  They are definitely invisible under clothing  and will give your butt a subtle boost that looks natural.

          Genetics of course will play a great part in your body’s natural structure.  Some girls are naturally thin and it’ll be very hard for them to gain muscle, they might prefer the butt pads.  If you’re willing to put in hard work, squatting and other lower body exercises will increase the lift and size of your butt.  Remember, American pop culture may worship the big butts but Kpop prefers small, round butts with a little pop to them.


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