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The Kpop Gradient Lip – For A Just Bitten, Cute Look

                It’s as almost if Kpop and American pop are completely opposites.  Am-pop wants big butts, boobs, and lips while kpop prefers slender, petite, and tiny rosebud lips.  A good pout is desired among all women and the kpop gradient lip has been an incredibly popular lip technique.

kpop gradient lip

The ever-so-famous gradient lip gives the appearance of small pout with a just bitten glow.  It’s reminiscent of a young girl who just got done eating a popsicle.  It gives off a very innocent yet sexy look that’ll definitely draw attention to your lips.  The technique can be a little difficult to master.  I find myself stuck between having my lips look dry or applying too much of the darker shade and losing the gradient effect all together.

kpop gradient lip

The basic premise of the gradient lip is a nude or lighter base color, and then a splash of a darker, vibrant color on the inner edges where your lips meet.  It’s almost as if you’re lining your lips backwards so they have a smaller, poutier appearance.

light gradient lip

TaeYeon loves to rock the gradient lip giving her an innocent look while provocatively drawing attention to her lips.  It’s a very subtle look that has a dramatic effect as most women only where one color on their lips.

kpop gradient lips

     You can customize the look however you’d like as long as you stick to the 2 different shades of colors.  Instead of a nude base you can try a light pink, with a darker pink inner gradient.

orange gradient lip

Or experiment with any colors you like.  My personal favorite is the orange gradient.  Kpop tends to favor lighter, more natural colors, opposed to a bold, deep red.

You can pretty much use any type of lipstick.  Many even use facial foundation for a nude base.

LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar

gradient lip laneige kpop

laneige gradient lip kpop

         The Laneige 2-tone Lip Bar is made for an easy gradient lip.  The slanted cut helps make application more precise for both shades of colors.  One quick sweep over the lips and you’ll have Kpop ready lips.  There are many different color combinations so you can change your gradient pout along with the rest of your look of the day.

If you prefer another method and want to pick your own shades it may be best to get a nude lip concealer and separate lip stain.

Etude House Kissful Lip Care Lip Concealer

etude nude lip concealer

Peripera Peri’s Tint Water, Cherry Juice

Peripera Peri's Tint Water, Cherry Juice

       The Etude lip concealer will also help keep the Peripera Lip Tint from bleeding past where you want it.  Anytime you put concealer under lip color the color will last a lot longer.  I love the applicator of the Peripera Lip Tint as it allows you to dab exactly where you want the color to be applied.  Even wearing a lip stain tint alone will give you a just bitten, ready to kiss look.

      Dont be afraid to experiment with your looks, that’s what makeup is for!  Wearing the gradient lip technique will add a nice twist on your everyday lip wear.


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