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Magic Circle Lenses for Big Dolly Eyes

       Magic Circle Lenses have been around for a long time and are still very popular for Kpop beauty secrets and fashion. Kpop trends can often be so meticulous down to the finger nails and even the eyeballs! Circle lenses are cosmetic (and prescription) contact lenses that can really change the appearance of your whole face. I have to admit, I’m a bit addicted to circle lenses and feel like they’re a part of my daily look.

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Circle lenses are colored lenses that have a bigger diameter and make eye appear bigger by increasing the Iris size. The normal diameter of regular contact lenses don’t exceed 14-16mm. Circle lenses are available from 14mm to even a huge 22mm! Obviously there are health risks just as there are with long-term regular contact lens wear as you eyes are very gentle. The major risk of habitual long-term circle lenses are your eyes not getting enough oxygen due to the larger diameter. This can cause irritation and infections. Circle lenses are often purchased over the internet with out a proper eye exam and may not fit your eye properly. Lenses may be too loose or too light, increasing chances of irritation or even scratching your cornea.

The best way to wear circle lenses with out damaging your eyes are by only wearing cosmetic circle lenses for short periods of time (less than 8 hours a day and not every day). Try to only wear them for outings or special occasions. I feel that I’ve worn circle lenses for so long that that is my true look and when I don’t wear them I feel my eyes look small and boring. You don’t want to be addicted to circle lens like this! It is important to take good care of your lenses, cleaning them after every use and not wearing dirty lenses.

kpop circle lense

I dont think I’ve ever seen Tara with out circle lenses.

   Circle lenses come in all colors and styles. You can go for a really natural look with a natural color and smaller diameter that will give your eyes some extra pop. You can also get the huge dolly eyes. People will know they’re not natural but they look amazing. Whenever I wear my huge dolly lenses I can feel people staring at my eyes, and many people have asked if they were real. If you have a costume party to attend or just like looking freaky, there are unnatural, fun designs like cat eyes, or unnatural colors like purple and pink. These tend to give off the anime look. For the most dramatic effect, find circle lenses that are outlined with a black ring.

krystal circle lense
Many Kpop celebrities wear natural look lenses that are not obvious. It’s a subtle change that really make their eyes sparkle in photos and on stage. A lot of Kpop idols also have had double eye-lid surgery and almost need to wear circle lenses or their Iris’s will look unnaturally small in comparison to their doctored eyes.

yoona circle lens
I get all my circle lenses from PinkyParadise.  I’ve used them for 5 years+ and have never had any problems with not receiving orders or being overcharged or anything. They have hundreds of different styles that can be ordered with or with out prescriptions. They usually send really cute contact lens cases as well.

Circle lenses are generally safe and can dramatically change the way you look.  You can make your eyes like twice as big with out ever having to get surgery.  Most idols have had eye surgery and when paired with wearing circle lenses, their whole appearance looks unnaturally adorable.  Just remember to not wear them for too long, and don’t ever, ever sleep with them on.  Your eyes are not continuously regrowing or easily replaceable like hair.  If you have serious eye complications it will be very difficult to fix so please exercise caution when it comes to what you put on your eyes.


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