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Lemon Water Detox For Extremely Quick Weight Loss

       An overweight Kpop idol is some what of a unicorn.  Even the male idols are rail thin until they’re in their mid twenties and then they transform developing sexy muscles and hard physiques.  Female Kpop idols are painfully thin with the average height and weight being 5’4 and 90-100 lbs.  I’m always amazed at their ability to sing and dance with such power while they look like they haven’t eaten in days.  From strenuous workouts, to calorie cutting diets, the weight-loss trends in Korea change with the seasons.  The classic Kpop dieting secret that is widely practiced, and very difficult to endure, is the Lemon Water Detox.

Seems simple right?  I love fresh lemon water, I order it at restaurants all the time.  Goes great with chicken and is super thirst quenching.  Wrong!  The detox doesn’t mean you drink lemon water with all your meals, the Lemon Water Detox requires you to ONLY drink lemon water.  That’s it.  No eating is allowed while detoxing.  You can drink as much lemon water as you want though(as if that’s some sort of consolation), all though after just one day you’ll probably be screaming for anything besides lemon water!

hyori lemon water diet
The Lemon Water Detox has been around the in the dieting world for a long time but was made popular in Kpop by the queen, Hyori lee.  Hyori is classy, tomboyish and sexy all wrapped into one fabulous package.  One of her greatest features is her shapely, thin, chiseled body.  Even as she gets older it seems her body is aging backwards!  I’m so jealous but it gives me hope that if Hyori unni can make being in your 30’s look like it’s an amazing time where a woman can be confident and embrace her sexuality, I can too.

hyori honey body
Hyori and former Miss Korea, Honey Lee have both spoken about the Lemon Water Detox.  Honey Lee is another reputable resource because her body speaks for itself.  Mind you, any dieting must be complimented by exercise to achieve the best end results.

lee honey skinny

There are a lot of variations on how the Lemon Water Detox can be prepared.  The general ingredients are an 8oz glass of water, 2 tbsp of freshly squeeze lemon juice, and a pinch of powdered Cayenne pepper.  The lemon juice is meant to cleanse and detox, while the pepper is a hunger suppressant.  Many idols also like to add 2 tbsp of maple syrup or cane sugar, and that’s absolutely okay for the detox.  Try to consume 8 glasses of this concoction a day and do not eat solid foods to get the true cleanse.  The lemon detox is very hardcore and should be only done for 3-5 days max.

parkbom skinny
Kpop idol Park Bom also has praised the Lemon Water Detox.  Well, maybe not praised as we all know Bom loves to eat, but has given it a go and claimed that it works.  Bom will pair this detox with fruits and vegetables and that works as well.  Of course the best results come when the detox is done with no food, but this may be hard or difficult for some.  If you feel you need to eat in between glasses, only eat raw fruits and vegetables.

park bom diet
I have done juice detoxes many times and still do at least once a month.  The first thing you notice is that your body doesn’t need to consume as much food as you usually do.  Most people over eat and put such unhealthy substances into their bodies.  I tend to be like Bom and will have healthy snacks like veggies and nuts in between glasses, but then again, I’m not a kpop idol and don’t need to be stick thin.  Sometimes I’ll just skip a meal a day for a week and replace it with juice.  It’s your diet, do it however you want.  Just remember, the more you stick the only the Lemon Water Detox, the better the effects will be.

I’ve found the first few days of your first few times are going to be torture, but some days now I’d prefer to not eat for the day and get all my nutrients from juicing.  I usually only do a day at a time instead of 3-5 days.  I may not be getting max results but see the benefits from just one day of juicing as well.  I hope to work up to at least 2 days, but I’m not that serious about my diet so I’ll ease into it.  The most important steps occur the days following the cleanse.  A few times I made the cleanse totally not worth it by bingeing on junk food the moment I woke up the next day after a cleanse.  I’m weak, what can I say.
The key is to keep bettering your actual diet after you detox.  Your stomach will feel like it shrunk so only eat healthy, natural foods until you’re full.  Don’t over eat!  I know, people say that there are starving people all over the world when you don’t finish your plate, but you not over eating has nothing to do with that!  I sound so heartless, but I’m just trying to emphasize how much and what you put into your body matters.  Some people exercise everyday but eat so much junk food that they’re not losing weight.  Abs aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen!

I get bored with just lemon water and like to mix it up with different types of juices.  I’m horrible at dieting!  If you can just stick to the bare minimum lemon, water, pepper ingredients good for you.  There are a lot of flavors available or you can buy a juicer and a bunch of fruit/veggies and make your own.  Everything must be raw and natural, and don’t add a bunch of sugar!

Juice From the Raw 3 Day ORGANIC Juice Cleanse

raw juice diet
My favorite juice set is from Raw.  I love how they’ll overnight ship you a set of different tasty juices overnight and you have your whole “meal” planned for the rest of day.  Oh, another great thing about juicing, no dishes!  These bottles should be consumed within a few days.  Most juices at stores have lots of preservatives and extra ingredients so it’ll last longer.  Raw juices are all natural, and we know must fruits/veggies can’t sit in your fridge for weeks with out spoiling.  There are several different flavors from Sweet Greens to Coconut Milk fusion.  They do suggest you drink the juices in a certain order but I don’t think it’s a big deal if you mix them up.  They all taste fresh and delicious with enough sweetness that actually makes most juices enjoyable.  Beware of the greens though, you can imagine what a juice of cold pressed greens taste it.  I usually will chug the greens as fast as I can while sip the fruitier flavors over a half hour or so.  Warm greens is horrible, but they make you feel the best.  You can almost feel the nutrients going into your body after drinking a bottle.

Kale Power Smoothie 3-day Cleanse

kale juice detoxIf you really like punishing yourself you can try the all Kale 3 day juice detox.  Kale is a super-veggie that will give you energy, protein, and keep you feeling full.  I’d probably cry if I even thought of attempting an all green detox.  If you are worried that you won’t get enough calories with juicing, each bottle is between 100-200 calories.  You drink about 6 a day so don’t worry, you will get the recommended calorie minimum for an adult, plus you can add healthy snacks if you still feel an empty stomach.

If you do decide to try the Lemon Water Detox or Raw Juices please leave a comment and let me know how it goes!  Hyori actually gave up after 2-3 days because it was that hard, so don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to complete many days.  If anything, just start with one day.  If even that’s too difficult, try what Bom unni and I do and snack on raw, healthy snacks when you feel like you’re going to die of hunger (you won’t die).

Looking good takes a lot of work.  Kpop idols don’t just wake up and look amazing all the time, they’re like you and me.  If you want to look like a Kpop idol and get rid of that extra chub, you must work hard and suffer as they do!


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