Fat Grafting – Kpop’s Secret to Looking Young Forever

       The Kpop entertainment industry thrives on youth. Girls in their early 20’s look like teens and women in their 30’s and 40’s look like they’re in their early 20’s! It’s insane! Growing up I had a lot of favorite American celebrities, and 20 some odd years later you see them in some sort of, “what do they look like now?” article and they usually look bad. They have aged so fast from the cruel Hollywood lifestyle, or they just haven’t been in the spotlight for so long that when you do see them again, they’re unrecognizable.
I’m always blown away how my favorite Kpop idols from 10-15 years ago look the same, or even younger! It’s almost as if they’re not real people, some sort of entertainment robot who’s faces and body’s are stuck in time. Case in point:

Here’s WooHyuk from H.O.T 20 years ago.

woo hyuk h.o.t

And here is WooHyuk today (age 37).

woohyuk today

Here’s another blast from the past.  Sexy diva UmJungHwa 20 years ago.

um jung hwa young

And UJH today (46 years old).

um jung hwa today

    How are these kpop idols not aging or even aging backwards? Both UmJungHwa and WooHyuk have both had amazingly successful careers being some of Korea’s top selling artists of all time. Sure, they had enough money to not have to go through the hustle and bustle we call life. They had access to the best foods, trainers, beauty products, but even some thousand dollar miracle anti-wrinkle cream is not going to stop you from aging completely.

What is the secret? They’ll probably attribute their youthful looks to good diet, exercise, and facial cleansing, but there’s definitely a lot more to it.

The secret to turning back the hands of father time is… fat grafting!

Fat grafting is when a plastic surgeon extracts excess fat from various parts of your body i.e. your abdomen, thighs, stomach, or butt and inject it back into sunken in areas of your face.
As you get older the elasticity and fullness of your face seems to get looser and thin out. The most popular places to inject fat are the forehead for protruding brow bones, areas with wrinkle, and gaunt cheeks.

The craziest part of this new craze is that fat grafting is so popular that girls in their late teens and early 20’s have the procedure done to give them cuter, younger looking faces.

Crayon Pop Twins Debut

twins debut

The Twins Today (They are 25 years old)

crayon pop twins

The Crayon Pop twins have always had an unnatural look to them and have definitely had fat grafting as well as a slew of many cosmetic surgeries.  I was a bit surprised to learn they were born in 1990 and are in their mid 20’s.  My first guess would be 15, 16 years old.

Park Bom

park bompark bom
Park Bom has had so many fat grafts and other botox, collagen injections and it’s super obvious. There’s an unnatural puffiness to her face and it always gives off the appearance that it is swollen. Yes, some people have naturally chubby cheeks, but the smooth, round, puffed up face is not natural in this situation.  Whenever I watch a 2n1 performance my eyes are always immediately drawn to Bom’s face and how awkward it moves while she belts out lyrics.

It may be easier to see if you look at a clear before and after.

fat graft before after

You see how sunken in and angular her face is in the before picture? A lot of Koreans have high cheek bones and prominent brow bones.  After the fat grafting procedure (as well as eyes and nose) she’s rocking that puffy, flawless Kpop face that gives her less of a “harsh” appearance that’s now softer and more youthful looking.

    Fat grafting is a fairly simple surgery in Korea, the riskiest and most painful part of the whole procedure is probably sucking(same way as liposuction) the fat out of other parts of your body. Many people have heard of Botox and Juvaderm which inject botanical (safe in small amounts) poisons into your face and causes the muscles to freeze and adds fullness which will help get rid of wrinkles and sunken in areas.
Fat grafting in Korea is a lot safer because they’re not putting foreign substances into you. The likelihood that your new face will get infected or reject the fat is very low since it’s already coming from your body.

The whole procedure only takes about an hour and you’re under local anesthesia with deep sedation. There’s no hospitalization time, except you will have stitches from the area the fat was sucked out of that will need to be removed in about a week. You’ll experience mild swelling that’ll last for 2-3 weeks and the results are semi-permanent (a good number of people who have undergone the procedure say within 2-5 years all the fat was absorbed back into their body and their face went back to how it was normally.  The doctor may recommend touch ups after few months.  The procedure is considered relatively safe but like any cosmetic work there can be negative results. The most common side effects are the injected fat leaving lumps, especially in the forehead region, or the fat migrating from it’s intended placement to other areas of the face.

There aren’t many over-the-counter beauty products that can give you the dramatic results from receiving fat graft injections but there are some remedies that will help your skin stay taut and boost the fullness of your skin.

Super Collagen


Collagen is a protein that is made up of amino-acid and found in humans and animals.  It’s pretty much the substance that holds your whole body together and slowly gets depleted as your body ages.  Collagen supplements will help smooth out your skin and revive the plumpness (not fat, but stops sagging).  Many people have noticed strong results after just a week or two of taking Collagen supplements.

MIZON Collagen Ampoule

mizon collagen

Mizon Collagen Ampoule is a highly rated Korean Collagen product that helps with anti-aging and making your skin tight and supple.  You can apply on clean skin and it even works great under makeup.  Just a few drops tapped into your face and it won’t leave any sticky or greasy residue.  The Mizon Ampoule works amazingly when paired with the Mizon Power Lifting Cream.

MIZON Collagen Power Lifting Cream

mizon cream

Both the Mizon Ampoule and Cream use Marine Collagen.  Most Collagen products come from cows and pigs but Marine Collagen comes from sea mammals (fish).  The human body absorbs and reacts better with Marine Collagen and it is a lot safer for you.

Etude House 2015 New Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream

etude collagenOne of my personal favorite Collagen creams is from Etude House.  It is extremely moisturizing but does not leave your skin feeling oily.  The deep cream hydrates your skin while letting the collagen absorb into your skin.  I used to have full cheeks and forehead that have started to thin with age.  I found after a week or so of consistent use, my skin looked years younger and fuller.  I seriously became addicted to this but after I stopped using it regularly ( I like to switch and try different products) the effects wore off a bit quickly.  Next time I will get a lifetime supply as it is super affordable like most Etude products.

I personally would love to try fat grafting but am worried I won’t be able to keep up with the touch ups if needed considering I live in America and prefer most cosmetic surgical work to be completed in South Korea.  Fat grafts to problem areas like just your forehead or cheeks are around $1000-$2000.  Full face usually runs $3000-$4000.  Maybe one day when I am rich and can fly to Korea whenever I please I’ll give it a shot and report back to my friends reading this right now.  Til then, I’m okay using creams and other cheaper but effective products.


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