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Easy Weightloss Tips You Should Be Doing Everyday

          Extreme weight loss techniques are difficult and stressful. I tend to be a binger.  At times I’ll eat a lot more unhealthy foods and the try to practically starve myself the following days thinking it’ll rid all the junk I just put into my body.  This usually starts an ugly cycle.  After going a few days of trying to quickly burn off the excess weight, I’ll usually end up being so hungry that I’ll binge on junk food again!  I would not recommend this type of dieting as it’ll reek havoc onto your body.  Your stomach will be so confused and hate you, and you’ll most likely be walking around like a hungry zombie with no energy.
Luckily, there are super simple weight loss tricks that you should incorporate into your every day life in order to achieve the body of your dreams.

    Drink Lots of Water

water weightloss

I use to probably drink a cup of water a day and 2-3 cans of soda because I always thought water is so boring.  Now I pretty much feel like I’m dehydrating if I don’t drink AT LEAST a liter of water a day.  Being dehydrated makes you feel hungry and lethargic, even if you don’t realize you’re dehydrated.  It also gives your skin a dull, less vibrant, dry appearance.  Every morning you should wake up and immediately drink a cup of water.  You’ll really feel the difference of having a hydrated body and it’ll help you wake up for those who aren’t morning people.

     Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is so good for you.  Not only will it help curb your hunger (your stomach will feel full from all the water) but it’ll help clear up your skin as well.  Every dermatologist I’ve been to has told me water will help just as much as expensive acne creams.

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      NaNa from After School has been reported to drink an astonishing 5 liters of water a day!  This is a very large amount, but I’m sure NaNa is very active and spreads this amount through out the whole day along with her meals.  It is rare to get sick or die from drinking too much water but there have been cases of people drinking 6-7 liters of water in 1 or 2 hours and suffering from water intoxication.  Just stick with 2-4 liters a day if you are small and not extremely active if you are worried.

30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

       Fat Kpop idols are rare.  If we see a heavier set idol they are usually looked at as the group comedian, or a tough rapper.  It’s almost impossible to be an over weight Kpop star.  Not only are they extremely conscious of what they eat, they also rehearse 5+ hours a day, 5+ days a week.  Dancing is a great all over body exercise and amazing cardio.  Not only will you be in better shape, constant practice will improve your natural rhythm and you’ll be shutting down clubs with your hot moves in no time!  It is recommended that you get AT LEAST 30 minutes of light to intense exercise a day.  Whether it be going for a brisk walk or jamming out to your favorite kpop songs.

kpop bom workout
Kpop dance routines are so popular and effective that many gyms and dance studios offer Kpop work out classes.  Try to see if you can follow along all 30 minutes, don’t worry you will get breaks in between routines.  It may seem a bit fast or difficult at first, but your body will naturally adapt quickly.  Don’t underestimate yourself and you know you practice moves like these every day in front of the mirror! (Wearing a helmet while dancing to Crayon Pop is not necessary!)

Once you’ve mastered that routine, and I know you will, check out the other kpop dance workouts on Sarahkaypop’s youtube channel.

I attend the gym 3-4 times a week and like to lift weights but it does tend to get repetitive and annoying.  I like to change it up with this video and similar routines every now and then.  I definitely sweat more and get a better cardio work out with Kpop dance routines.  I think I’m actually getting better, maybe I will post a video so you guys can watch and laugh at whenever you’re feeling down!  Not only will exercising for 30 minutes a day help you lose weight, it’ll also help with your mood, stress, and confidence.

Eat 1200-1500 Calories a Day

    Exercise is not enough to lose weight if you are over eating.  It is definitely possible to work out every day but still be overweight if you’re eating more calories than you should.  It’s not good to exercise like crazy then think its okay to eat junk food all day.  Nor is it good to never exercise and barely eat to stay thin.  Doing the latter will make you lethargic, have bad color, and reduce the overall quality of your skin and hair.  The important key to weight loss is a balance of good exercise and good nutrition.  Here you can see what the recommended calorie intake should be for your age.  Totals will vary, if your activity levels are sedentary (hardly ever do any physical activity) or more active.

calorie intake

These are just rough averages.  Honestly, I’m in my 20’s and find it a bit difficult to consume 2200 calories a day.  Maybe because I do have a smaller, Asian frame, or just wasn’t raised on high caloric food.  I average around eating 1500 calories a day with out going out my way to eat more or less.  If you’ve read the SNSD Diet Plan, you know that eating less than 1000 calories is bad.  I’m not going to lie, I tried it and felt like I was going to pass out.  It wont hurt you if you do short-term dieting consuming less than the recommended calorie intake.  Just don’t go lower than the 1200 threshold.

What you eat matters as well.  No processed foods, stick to natural super foods(foods that provide a lot of health benefits naturally).

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red bean

T.O.P’s favorite super food red bean.  Red Bean contains lots of Calcium which aids the body excrete salt from your system when made into tea or porridge. Also having a few spoons of boiled red beans helps curb your appetite and will make you feel faster and longer.  Some other super foods that will fill you up with out putting on the weight is tofu, almonds, chicken breast, and so much more.

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One of the best and easiest way to keep your weight under control is getting good sleep every night.  I know, that sounds like the opposite of losing weight.  You’re just laying there, not being active, how can sleeping help you lose weight?  Your body does actually burn calories when you sleep!  Every hour you sleep burns about 50 calories, so it is essential to sleep at least 8 hours a night.  Sleeping helps your body naturally heal and sustains vital functions.  Your body will continue to digest the contents of your stomach when you’re sleeping the same way it does when you’re awake.
People tend to snack more at night if they stay up longer.  A weight loss secret that Kpop idols swear by is not eating after 8pm and sleeping for 8 hours a day.  If you stick to this schedule, you’ll find the pounds naturally shedding off.  A healthy lifestyle is necessary if you want to be in the best shape possible.

Dieting is hard, whether you’re overweight or a skinny mini but you can make it a bit easier by making small lifestyle changes that won’t have your tummy grumbling in class or leaving you feeling like you’re going to pass out from hunger.  Many Kpop idols don’t just practice a few key weight loss tips, to them it’s a lifestyle.  Making critical lifestyle changes will always be difficult to maintain, especially if you’re used to indulging and not practicing healthy activities.  The human body is a lot strong than you think and highly adaptable.  All you need is a little discipline and will power.  No one said being beautiful is easy but you can do it!

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